Tuesday, March 1, 2016

{I'm A Horrible Blogger...and My Weekly Chase}

So...yea....I have the hardest time carving out time to blog daily, but I am determined to do better!

I was unable to stick to the Hammer & Chisel workouts. Some was an issue with being able to carve out the time needed to complete the workouts; some was in part to not being able to do the moves and feeling like I wasn't getting the most out of it; and some was just laziness.

I ditched it.

And that's ok.

I'm going back to the 21 Day Fix program. It's 30 minutes a day and the exercises are doable for me, especially right now while I'm training for my half marathon in April.

So this weeks goals are:
#1 - Stick to my Hal Higdon running plan
#2 - Daily 21DF workout
#3 - Increase my water intake to a minimum of 64oz.
#4 - Wake up by 6am

...and a couple of non-fitness goals
#5 - Clean off my hotspot (bookshelf in the kitchen)
#6 - Spend 15 minutes/4 days in craft room, getting ready for room switch

What goals are you chasing this week?