Wednesday, January 20, 2016

{Hammer & Chisel ~ Day 10/60}

Yay! Tonights run felt SO much better than last night. Although I wasn't much faster, it just felt better. I walked the first 8 minutes (that might've been a little too long of a warm up) and then kept with my walk/jog ratio of 2 minutes of walking (I kept my pace around 3.5) and 2 minutes of jogging (at 4.5). I did speed up my jog to 5.0 for the last round in an attempt to hit 2 miles by 30 minutes. I didn't quite make it, but my legs felt really good for this round.

I think one of the keys is to stay out of my own head. Avoid negative self-talk. Be ok with going slow right now...speed will come later and we still have plenty of time before the Nashville 1/2 Marathon.
"Strive for Progress; Not Perfection."

I came home from the gym (at 10pm) and immediately pushed play on Hammer Max Strength (this is the workout I should've done last night). I knew if I didn't push play right away, I would talk myself into just going to bed. I was able to do most every exercise and kept my weights at 15# for the entire 40 minutes!! I'm hoping to be at 20# the next time this particular set comes back around.

Still smiling mid-workout! #beastmode 

Olivia came by earlier tonight and she just had to exercise!
Love this firecracker!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a Rest Day, but I will most likely try to get in H&C Chisel Agility so I will be caught back up. I also have kickboxing and running, so I don't really see a rest day happening tomorrow....I may take that on Friday and enjoy a nice evening with the hubs.

What are you doing to get stronger?
Are you moving your body every day?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

{Hammer & Chisel ~ the day that didn't happen}

To say I didn't want to workout today would be a gross understatement. The sub-freezing temps have just completely zapped my motivation and I'm quite content to just sit on the couch, bundled beneath my cozy blanket, watching HGTV. Thankfully, I have a great running friend who encouraged me to at least get my rear to the gym.

It wasn't pretty. My legs felt like lead. I was cold. I really didn't want to go.
BUT...I went.
I knocked out a 30 minute walk/jog and got in 1.8 miles.
Was it my best effort? Heck no.
I had to remind myself, it won't always be pretty, but it will always be worth it.

Unfortunately, I was just done after those 30 minutes on the treadmill, so no Hammer & Chisel workout tonight. I won't's a struggle to train for a half-marathon and do an intense workout program like H&C, but I will keep pushing play and keep getting stronger every day!

Monday, January 18, 2016

{Hammer & Chisel ~ Day 8/60}

Another late night....I really have no excuse as to why.

I went back-to-back today. Debi and I went to the gym and got 2 miles in on the treadmill. It was a miserable run for feet were knees were hurting...and I really wanted to quit. But I committed to at least get 2 miles in, so that's what I did. We finished up at 10PM!! and went back to my house to push play on Chisel Cardio. I have to say Chisel Cardio wasn't too bad. Of course there were Burpees...and who in their right mind likes Burpees?! But other than that, it wasn't too bad.

I'm hoping I can find my rhythm this week with both my running and my H&C.

Ok, my friends....Keep pushing play!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

{Hammer & Chisel ~ Day 7/60}

Confession Time: I did not get my workout in today.
*I should note that Blake pushed play and said Total Body Hammer was TOUGH!

I did however, start my day with a great breakfast before going to the 9:30 and nourishing my soul.

This is pretty much my standard breakfast...I almost always have 2 eggs, then I add either oatmeal (that's what I had today) or whole grain toast...and I have been known to eat a whole grain waffle on rare occasion. I usually add a cup of berries also, but I was out this morning (I really need to go grocery shopping!!) I rarely drink milk, so I typically down my first bottle of water with breakfast.

After getting challenged at the 9:30 to really stop and think about what taking God's name in vain really it really just about not saying a particular word? Or is it more of representing God's character well? I grabbed some lunch with the family...went to the grocery store!! ...and then it was time to cheer on my fave NFL team!

They won by the way :)

I did pick up these bad boys today while grocery shopping. We're slowly building up our weigh arsenal at home. Blake and I both felt we really needed to challenge ourselves on the weights. I still need to get a set of 25's and 30's ...I'm not ready for those yet, but Blake could probably bump up.

Week 1 is done!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

{Hammer & Chisel ~ Day 6/60}

Another busy Saturday, but I was determined to get my workouts in. I'm finding that I really look forward to pushing my body and seeing what it can do. Today, I had a treadmill run planned and I knew I also had to get in Chisel Endurance. Not knowing what to expect, I stuck with a slow & steady walk/jog interval on the treadmill. I would walk 2 minutes and jog 2 minutes...with a few hills threw in for good measure.
2-1/2 miles done. This was slow...even for me, but I'm getting back into the groove and just trying to build up some consistency at this point. February 7th will start my actual training plan for Nashville.

After getting some chores done around the house and helping Mallorye with the girls rooms and play room, it was time to push play!

Whew! That was tough!! Autumn likes to kick my butt!!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

{Hammer & Chisel ~ Day 5/60}

Oh my word! Blake and I went to the PHS Rams basketball game tonight (Go Rams!! and great WIN over Valley View!), so it was late when we made it home. I really did not want to push play.


So....ISO Speed Hammer at 10pm is what we did.

Did you push play today?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

{Thursday Therapy...and H&C Day 4/60}

Today is actually Rest Day for H&C, but it's also my absolute favorite day of the week! Thursday! Not only is it payday (which is pretty great!), but it's my weekly kickboxing class. I lovingly refer to it as Thursday Therapy! Who doesn't love hitting a bag...and hard?! It's a great way to let off steam and just clear your head (the 500-600 calories I burn in that hour is just a bonus!)
These gloves have seen a ton of hard work & sweat over the past year.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

{Hammer & Chisel ~ Day 3/60}

Today was ISO Strength Chisel....whew! This pushed me, but I was actually pretty proud of myself and my form! It was super fun to have Blake as my workout partner...he's great at motivating me to get off the couch.

"You don't get what you wish for, you get what you work for."
~Autumn Calabrese

I'm also in the throes of half-marathon training, so tonight was an easy intro 2 mile run on the treadmill. I wish I was one of those hard core people that could run in these freezing temps, but I just can't make myself do treadmill it shall be for a few weeks.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

{Hammer & Chisel ~ Day 2/60}

Nutrition is just as important...than the workouts. You can't out-train a bad diet. You just can't. I tried for  years and it doesn't work. I'm eating more food now than before, so I'm rarely hungry and the food I'm eating is healthy and filling. I mean, look at that plate up there!! Doesn't that look absolutely divine??

Monday, January 11, 2016

{REBOOT ~ Hammer & Chisel Day 1/60...again}

So last week did not go as all. I became so frustrated right out of the gate. I wasn't able to do many of the moves in H&C, my schedule was jacked up, and I just didn't feel like my head was right. I struggled with "do I keep going?" or "do I reboot and try again?"

I went for the reboot!

Today, Autumn and I met up again for Chisel Balance. I'm telling ya...this girl is serious! I was nervous because I knew how difficult it was going to be, but I pushed play and pushed through. Did I complete every single rep? No. Did I execute perfectly? No. Did I give up? NO!

Bonus: Blake started the program with me, so we're able to work out together most days :)
Mommy win!

And....because I'm always up for a challenge, I went and rocked out leg day with this beast!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

{Menu Planning}

I finally found a system that works for me when it comes to meal planning. This has been my biggest struggle on my fitness journey, but finally, with the help of 21 Day Fix (& the awesome containers), I have found a system that works AND gets results!

If everything in that picture looks crazy and you'd like to know me at
I'd love to tell you more and help you unlock one of the keys to a fit and healthy life!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

{Super Saturday ~ Little Rock}

My day started super early this, wake up call at 4:45am! I had to meet my Coach Sponsor at 6:15am to head to Little Rock for my first Super Saturday with TeamBeachbody. I was so excited...(1) to just get to learn from successful coaches and (2) to spend time with Liz and get to know her a little better.

It rained on us most of the 2-1/2 hour trip to Little Rock, but you couldn't dampen our spirits. We had so much fun learning about each others background, families, and of course we talked Beachbody and Running (our two fave things!)

Once we arrived in Little Rock, we checked in and helped set up the room. About 40-50 people were in attendance and they did some recognitions and then we heard from our guest speaker, Makala Clark. She's a 2-Star Diamond and has an incredible story of how this business helped her overcome body image and confidence crushers. You can read about her story here .

 Liz and myself....before the Live Workout!

After some company announcements...Hello! New Shakeology Flavor Café Latte! I know some coffee drinkers that are going to LOVE this!...we got ready for the Live Group Workout. I have to say, I was nervous, especially once they mentioned it would be P90X. I have never done P90X and mostly have stuck to the 21 Day Fix program, so I was terrified. I determined I would not let fear keep me from experiencing ALL of Super Saturday. Did I do every rep? No. Did I do every exercise? Mostly. Did I do my best? Absolutely. And I loved it! I left feeling so strong and empowered.....and a little sweaty!

{Midway through P90X! Getting my sweat on!}

We had a great time meeting up with other peeps that are on this fitness journey just like us, taking pictures, and of course, eating at Panera.

The next Super Saturday is April 2...can't wait!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

{Hammer & Chisel Day1/60}

Wow! Day 1 of Hammer & Chisel.
My nutrition was mostly on point (minus a handful of chocolate chips...ugh) with very few modifications to my planned day.
Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Blackberries, Oatmeal
Snack 1: Apple with Hazelnut Butter
Lunch: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (this was not on the plan, but I'm still struggling with a sinus infection and felt I needed the soup)
Snack 2: Did not happen! I got busy at work...I wasn't hungry..and I forgot!
Dinner: Salsa Chicken, Black Beans, & Steamed Veggies
Snack 3: Handful of Chocolate Chips (I'll explain that in a minute)

So....nutrition wasn't horrible today, but has room for improvement. I was feeling pretty good about the day overall....and then I pushed play!

I don't know what I was thinking?! I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I had some sort of illusion that it wouldn't be too bad. This was the toughest workout I've ever attempted. The very first exercise was a weighted pistol squat. I tried. I tried hard. But I just couldn't get up from my seated position without putting my foot down. I was so frustrated that the very first exercise was proving to be so difficult. On to the 2nd exercise...Leg Bridge Pullover. Again. This was hard! I wasn't able to hold myself in a bridge position (on one leg) and do the weights. I stopped the video and messaged my upline, who encouraged me that I can do this and to modify where I need to and keep going. I stopped and listened to our Surge call and then pushed play again.  I ended up using a chair for balance and not using any weight on the pistol squats but got through them. I went down for the Leg Bridge Pullover and my computer lost the connection! WTH!! I took this as a sign to try again...tomorrow. (this is where the chocolate chips came in) I had planned on Shakeology after my workout, but being the emotional eater that I am, I reached for the chocolate chips and ate a handful and went to bed. This revealed an area that I've got to master and I plan to do that in the next 60 days!

I was very discouraged and frustrated....but I had pushed play...and although I am discouraged by how poorly I performed and my lack of willpower; tomorrow, I will get up and try again.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

{2016 Weekly Chase 1/52}

The first full week of the New Year; full of promise and possibility!

So, since this is the first full week, I don't have any recap of the last week, but I DO have goals for the upcoming week :)

This Weeks Goals:
  • Log 10 miles--I'm starting a new workout program, so I think this will be a good number for my running this week.
  • Complete H&C workouts each day
  • No sodas
  • Daily stretching & foam rolling
  • Hammer & Chisel blog daily
Starting Weight: 217.0
Right Arm:
Left Arm:
Right Thigh:
Left Thigh:
Total Inches:

I plan to see those number above...SHREDDED!!

Friday, January 1, 2016

{New Year; New Goals}

Every year I start the new year with new goals to achieve and a resolve to do something. This year is no different....however, the different part is that I WILL achieve everything on my list. A few days ago, while running with a friend, she said something that really made me take pause. We were running up a small incline. We had chosen the distance we were going to go before we could walk, but my legs were begging for a break, so I slowed my pace, and started to walk. She said, "don't you quit on you!! {actually she kinda yelled that part} You are worth it! Don't stop." It was the first time I realized that I was my own worst enemy. I made commitments, but didn't follow through. When things became difficult, I often bail out. The funny thing one cares if I quit. It doesn't affect them one little bit. I'm the only one that suffers. No more. I will not quit on me! I will commit and follow through. I do every are my goals for 2016;


  • Read through the Bible--I'm using The Bible Project plan, which also has videos to accompany the different themes.
  • Daily Scripture writing--I'm determined to finish writing out the Psalms and Proverbs and hopeful that I can finish the gospels.
  • Rekindle my first Love--I've struggled the past few months with being in a spiritual desert, but I'm praying that the new year turns that around.
  • RUN a 5k--no walking allowed
  • Log 1,000 miles on these feet--walk, run, doesn't matter, just get it done! 
  • Run Streak for the entire year...log at least 1 mile every day!
  • Be stronger--ability to do a handstand push up {against the wall} and a pull up
  • Be lighter--below 175 pounds!
  • Read 12 books
  • Weekly personal development
  • Take 1 hour each week to just BE...slow down and breathe
  • Monthly date night with Q a priority--we tend to let everything else get in the way of us and we really need to make our relationship a priority this year
  • Bring back family game night--not sure why we ever stopped this...everyone always has so much fun!
  • Family Vacation! {this will include Matt, Mallorye, Olivia, & Sophia}
  • Save $1,000
  • Tithe regularly {this is a biggie! and is going to take tons of prayer}
  • Generate additional income through Beachbody
Bring on 2016! I'm ready!!