Monday, February 5, 2018

{Weekly Chase ~ February 5 - 11}

This past Saturday Jen called and asked if I wanted to come run a few training laps with her at the community center....I accepted. 45 minutes later I was dead. No, seriously...I was so glad I went and that she pushed me to go "a little farther."

This weeks goals:

1. Workout 4/7 days
2. Run 3x this week
3. Stretching & foam rolling daily
4. Attend my first ever yoga class
5. Increase water consumption

My goals are pretty modest this week, but I want to make sure I develop habits that will set me up for overall success. Can't wait to see how the week goes!!

What are you running this week??

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

{Village Creek 10K}

Sometime back in November, I signed up for my absolute fave race, the Village Creek 10K Trail Run in Wynne, AR. The race director is the best. He keeps you laughing with his wit throughout the year, insists on the Pledge of Allegiance before the start, and always prays for us. The cinnamon rolls are also a great motivator and help propel this race to the top of my list. And of course, the camaraderie. Runners are some of the best people anyway, but I think trail runners are an even more special breed. Last year was my first time to run (I use that term very loosely) this event and it was a nice dry, albeit cold, race.

Fast forward to January 2018.

I somehow convinced several of my fitness friends to come along for the ride. I don't think they looked ahead to the forecast. LOL. I knew this race was known for its unpredictable weather & trail conditions. She did not disappoint. Race day weather was hovering around 50-52 degrees....and rain. Rain everywhere. Which meant...mud. Mud. Everywhere.

 Debi came in from Heber Springs the night before, but had not packed a rain jacket. I dug out my Smoky Mountain rain jacket for her and I donned Quentin's new golf pullover/windbreaker. It wasn't perfect, but it would have to work.

 Jen & Jake also came along for this crazy ride. They're usually up for a fitness challenge and although they hadn't "trained" to run any type of race, let alone one on the trails, they came and they CONQUERED!! I think Jen finished in 1:20 and Jake finished in 1:30. I mean seriously....what would they have done if it had been dry and they had trained?!

 Blake was the only one of us that signed up for the 25K (you know...he has big plans when it comes to running and trails), so he was kind of in his own world pre-race. If you look closely, you can see him at the top left of this picture. 235 runners gathered to brave the elements, challenge themselves, and push beyond their limits.

 The first couple of miles weren't too bad. We quickly learned that mud is SLICK and getting any kind of traction was difficult at best. It was actually easier to run up the hills than to try and walk and get bogged down in the mud.

 Pretty sure my shoes will never be the same!! We decided this race could be classified as a Mud/Trail/Obstacle Race all in one :)

 After mile 3, I was certain I wouldn't be setting a new PR for this race (I ran the 2017 race in 1:58). My balance pretty much sucks on dry dirt, so add rain and mud and new goal was to not fall!! Or break anything.

 Debi did not have the same goal. LOL. She lost her footing going up this slick bank and made the most graceful fall in the mud I've ever seen. These two ladies (in red & blue) were going to check on her, while I, being the good friend I am, was scrambling for my phone to capture the moment.

 About mile 5, we were both just wore out from trekking through the mud and water and hills. We could see the finish line, but it seemed like it was taking forever to get there. We needed a morale booster. Insert war paint....aka mud on the face.

 We did it! We finished the thing and met up with Jen & Jake. Debi and I crossed the finish line at 2:29....31 minutes slower than my time the previous year, BUT...I did not fall!! Or break anything. We grabbed our yummy post-race cinnamon roll (seriously the best!), showered off, warmed up, and waited on Blake to finish the 25K.

 I knew the course conditions would slow Blake down, but I was getting worried when the clock kept ticking away and he still hadn't come in. I started wondering if he was hurt and how would we find him? He did finally come in...walking...and at 4:09. Nowhere near his goal. He said his hip started hurting around mile 9 and that he walked quite a bit of the last 6 miles. He finished, and while he was disappointed, it sure beats getting a DNF.

 Post race picture with Blake....I somehow missed getting a pic with our friend Dan, who placed 1st in his age division. Go Dan!! That man inspires 61 years young, he still gets out there and runs and takes care of his body.

Love the shirt and of course the wood medallion finishers medal. Always earned. Never given.
And note the fancy wrist band with numbers.....that was a first and was to ensure no one got lost. I'm not sure it worked, but great effort.
 Now the next I do the 25K next year???

Monday, January 15, 2018

{....A Year Later...}

Try...Try again.

(my first run in the new shoes 1/13/18)

With the exception of a run here and there, I've officially taken off 18 months. I've allowed myself to gain be depressed...and have forgotten myself along the way. What once was a sport that energized me, became a place of fear and anger. Nashville broke me. In ways I can't even understand. It stripped me of every ounce of my dignity and in that moment, it defeated me. Not because I didn't PR, but because I allowed the mental talk to derail my entire running journey. But I refuse to stay in that place of defeat. I refuse to let that one race define me.

So....this weekend I went and bought a new pair of shoes. (what is it about a new pair of shoes that make you think you can conquer the world?!) The Altra Torin IQ. They have a built in sensor that gives real-time feedback on running form so that you can make adjustments and run more efficiently. In the past, I've struggled with my piriformis acting up and I knew it was a form issue. I'm hopeful that the feedback from these shoes will help me alleviate that obstacle. 

I also went through my calendar and penciled in some races. I haven't raced since May 2016. I committed to completing the Women Can Run Clinic and to pushing my body again. I know that I do better when I have clearly defined goals ahead of me and have something to work toward. Adding races to my calendar gives me that competition my soul craves.

And....I laced up my shoes and went for a run. Not a walk. Although I did walk some. But a run. I would run a bit and walk a bit. It was cold. Bitter cold (27 degrees). My body was sore. But you know what....I finished a mile. I didn't want to quit. I wanted to finish!!

I look back at pictures of me when I was running and I see someone who was happy, healthy, and enjoying life on a daily basis. I want that girl back!

So here's to 2018!!!

Maybe I'll even get better at this blogging thing ;)

Monday, January 16, 2017

{It's A New Day}

I told you guys I was a horrible blogger.

So....I've been on a hiatus of sorts. After my Nashville Half Marathon in April, I knew I was going to have to take a running break. A few weeks before then I had begun having some significant pain in my shoulder and was allowed to race only if I promised to tape it, which I did. Then, I ran Nashville, had a horrible race, and wasn't sure I ever wanted to run again. (I May, I ran the Women Can Run 5K) It's at this point that my shoulder became more than I could bear and I began physical therapy. It wasn't helping and I became depressed that I was so limited in what I could do physically. So ...what did I do? Nothing.

I've gained 30 pounds since May.
I had surgery on my shoulder in August.
And...I returned to exercising in October.

I'm currently down 8 pounds and have a long LONG way to go, but I think I'm ready to start tackling this running thing again.

This Week's Plan:
Monday--60 minute workout with trainer in PM
Tuesday--30 minute walk with Capri in AM and 60 minute workout with trainer in PM
Wednesday--60 minute workout with trainer in PM
Thursday--60 minute kickboxing in PM
Friday--30 minute walk with Capri in AM and 60 minute workout with trainer in PM
Saturday--REST DAY
Sunday--30 minute jog

Eat healthy 18 out of the 21 meals this week
Drink at least 80 ounces of water each day
Minimum of 6 hours sleep each night

Here we go...again!

Monday, May 9, 2016

{Race Recap ~ Women Run Arkansas 5K 2016}

Woo Hoo!! After 10 weeks of Women Can Run Clinic in Jonesboro, we finally graduated!!

Debi and I have been attending the WCR Clinic in Jonesboro on Tuesday and Thursday nights since March...learning proper form and technique and working on our endurance. Saturday, we got to test ourselves with the annual Women Run Arkansas 5K.

We headed to Conway Friday afternoon (we were staying with a friend of Debi's to cut down on cost) and dropped our luggage off before heading to the Pasta Party, where we picked up our bibs and shirts (there must ALWAYS be a shirt!). This year the theme was Superhero and we made masks and had our picture made at the photo op station, complete with a purple cape. We were starving and dinner did not disappoint...even though we both really wanted to go for seconds, but didn't want to seem like pigs! LOL Jonesboro's very own, Yolanda Merrel, served as MC and did an amazing job. She has such a bubbly and fun personality and her smile is infectious. She introduced our key speaker, Jan Seally, who shared her story and the benefits of running...not just physically, but emotionally, as well. After the Pasta Party, we were both still a bit hungry, so we headed to TGI Fridays for an appetizer and drinks before heading back to our lodging for the night.

Yolanda, WRA 2016 MC and Jonesboro Leader
Love this lady and her spunk!!

Saturday morning we arrived in time to get a group picture with the Jonesboro runners...or at least most of them. We had a great showing from our little corner of the state and had even more ladies running in Jonesboro that day that couldn't make the trip to Conway.

After my porta-potty stop (you know I have to visit the porta-potty!), it was time to get this party started!! There was a HUGE crowd of women here for this race. All shapes & sizes; all abilities. It was so encouraging to be a part of this. I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, the running community is some of the best people out there!
 Heading to the start line with our fearless leader!

This is just some of the ladies that ran the 5K...isn't that awesome!!?

Debi and I had already decided we weren't really concerned with out time. We were just coming off the Nashville 1/2 Marathon and hadn't ran but once that week, so we were just going to take it easy, have fun, and finish. Well.....

We took off running and were feeling pretty good. I thought to myself, "I'll run 8 minutes, then walk 1 minute." Those 8 minutes came and I thought, "I think I can go for 10." 10 minutes passed and I seen how close I was to a mile and wondered if I could run the entire mile and wouldn't you know it, I could!! For the first time ever, I ran the first mile without taking a walk break!

Thanks to this lady, I had a great race! and was able to do something I'd been trying to do all year, run an entire mile. She was one of our Jonesboro leaders and I'm so glad I got to run with her during the 5K.

Mile 1: Amazing! I felt like I had just won the lottery by running the entire thing! 12'22"

Mile 2: We did 1/2 mile run/2 minute walk intervals. I was thankful to see the water station, as it was getting WARM! 13'48"

Mile 3: This was a little more difficult and I really struggled at the end. We ran 1/4 mile intervals and thanks to Lisa, I was able to run in to the finish...even though my body really, REALLY, wanted to walk! 14'48"

This girl killed it! She almost broke the 40 minute by less than 30 seconds...and I know she's going to get that PR soon!! I am so glad to have found a running buddy that enjoys it as much as I do and pushes me to be better than I was yesterday...and it's great therapy!
{what happens on the run, stays on the run!}

One of the Jonesboro ladies that I had the privilege of meeting. We ran this thing together and came in together. I love getting to meet new people and making new friends!

My official time: 44'32"
7 seconds faster than when I did this same run in 2013...not record breaking, but I'm getting there.
I worked hard for that medal!!

Kara was another one of our awesome Jonesboro leaders and had worked with me during the clinic to see if we could pinpoint what is slowing me down. She also came out to meet Debi and run her in during this 5K and is such a great motivator, encourager, and wealth of running knowledge.

We really do have the BEST leaders!

Soaking up the sun during the rewards....oh the awkward tan lines I have from this day! I think the temp was hovering somewhere around 90. Wore out and hot....

until next time Conway!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

{Race Recap ~ Rock & Roll Nashville Half Marathon}

Debi and I began running together about 7 months ago and decided early on that we wanted to complete a half marathon together. A little before Christmas, we decided on the Nashville Rock & Roll Half Marathon...I'm not sure why? Maybe because it's close. All I know, is that we sure picked a tough course for Debi's first Half and only my second!

 We left out early Friday morning in a thunderstorm. We were both ok with this, because in our minds, we're thinking it'll blow on over and race day will be great! After dropping her kids off with their dad, we headed for the Expo. Who needs lunch!? We were too excited to get this party started.

 We made it!!! And we found "free" parking...sort of (that story is coming later on)

 We picked up our bibs and got our official picture made. We checked out the Brooks store and resisted the urge to buy the really cute jackets. I wanted one soooooo bad, but I just couldn't make myself spend that kind of money. We sampled the various vendor snacks and waited on the guys to arrive.

They got there around 4:30 and we helped Blake get his bib and shirt. We looked around the Expo a little bit longer and bought a few shirts before heading out for dinner. Margaritaville was a few blocks away, so we walked there and carb loaded!

We wanted to get in bed by 9pm, so we would be fresh for the race, and headed back to the parking lot where we left our vehicles. This is where it got interesting. Our cars were gone! In fact, there wasn't a car in the parking lot. Apparently, we missed the sign that said No Parking and our "what-we-thought-was-free" parking ended up costing us both a hefty tow bill!! AND, my first cab ride experience ever (unless you count Nicaragua).

Finally, we get to our hotel and get checked in. It's after 9pm. We lay out our gear for the morning and finally fall in bed around 10:30pm.

We had a 3:45am wake up call and a 5am shuttle to the race start line. It looks like the rain is going to hold off and we're just excited to be here at our first big race! We start working on our nutrition....and then.....

....the rain came! Big drops. Huge drops. We were getting soaked, but trying to stay positive.

The race was delayed by about 45 minutes, which meant we stood for about 4 hours before it was time for our corral to take off. There was a ton of people, and by ton, I mean approximately 46,000 runners! There was so much energy and excitement. Finally, we took off!

Mile 1: Felt great with one of my longest runs without a walk break EVER. We ran almost the entire first mile, only walking to get up a hill. This was our fastest mile (I shouldn't be) at 13'46"

Mile 2: Still feeling strong! Keeping to our run/walk pattern and staying on pace at 14'54"

Mile 3: We seen our guys for the first time....cheering us on! We are both feeling really good. I take some Gatorade at this stop. 15'21"

Mile 4: I'm kinda dumbfounded that we're still maintaining our pace and feeling so good. It's a little hillier than I anticipated, but we're able to walk up the hills (we even ran up and over one) without losing our pace. 14'57"

Mile 5: I need to pee! I start to stop at a porta-potty but there's a line and I don't want to lose too much time, so I keep going 15'12"

Mile 6: I have to stop at the porta-potty. I know I can't continue to run with a full bladder. Luckily, there's one with a short line and I make a bee line for it. This hurts our pace and I can tell I'm starting to get sore 17'27"

(side note: it was at this point that I met up with another runner with a baby in a harness....a 6 week old baby! Ok, if she can run, I can run, right?!)

Mile 7: I'm starting to struggle. My feet feel like hot pokers are stabbing them. I try to just push through and ignore it, but it's slowing me down and I'm taking more walk breaks. I take Glukos at this stop and pray it helps my body recover some. 16'45"

Mile 8: I'm pushing through, but starting to doubt that I can make it to the finish. I try to convince Debi to go on without me. I fully believe she can make our goal time if she leaves me behind. She won't hear of it and says we are finishing this thing together! 15'15"

Mile 9: Our guys are here cheering us on again :) At this point, I know something isn't right with my feet and I'm just trying to keep pushing. Debi thinks I've hit the proverbial wall and I think I'm dying. 16'27"

Mile 10: I stop at the Med Tent. I just can't keep going. I'm feeling delirious and my feet are in the worst pain I've ever experienced. I finally convince Debi to go on without me (I learn later, that she thought they would cart me to the finish line) The medical volunteers give me some salt and water, apparently I'm dehydrated a bit, and help me stretch out my legs/hips. We decide I can continue, even if I have to walk the remaining 3 miles. I call Quentin to let him know that Debi is finishing without me and to be watching for her. 17'06"

Mile 11: Perhaps the worst mile of the entire race for me. I'm battling my mind. Wondering why I'm putting my body through this and vowing that I will never run again if I ever make it to the end of this torture race. Not only are my feet killing me and I'm convinced my arches have collapsed, but now my hips feel like they're breaking from all the added pressure. I check my phone and am relieved to see messages from my supportive family and friends. I tell Marlena (my unofficial coach) what's going on and we work through it together and she keeps encouraging me. 21'09"

Mile 12: Blake informs me I have one last hill to climb. I don't think I can go any further. He tries to encourage me by telling me it's my last mile, but in my mind, all I can think is that at this pace, it's 20 more minutes of agony and I just want to get my shoes off and lay down and cry. There's a big grassy hill to my right and I contemplate doing just that. 20'06"

Mile 13: I know this is it and I'm going to make it to the finish. I meet other runners that are struggling too and we encourage each other to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I can see the bridge and Titan Field and I'm determined to run the last bit. I finally see the finish line and run the slowest run in history (I swear, a snail could go faster!) 21'36"

Mile 13.1: Debi met me at the Finish Line and was the one to put my medal around my neck. We both just stood there in the middle of the finishers chute, hugging and crying, not believing that we finished. I am so proud of her! She finished in 3:30 and I finished in 3:53 (7 minutes from cutoff)

It wasn't our A goal or even our B goal, but we finished.

This medal is the hardest I've ever worked for one.
I'll be back will not defeat me!

We hobbled to the car and into our hotel. Nate went and picked up McDonalds for me (my post-race meal of choice was a Big Mac, fries, and DP) and we ordered pizza up for Debi and Blake, who by the way, did amazing! He finished in 2:20

The back of our shirts that Marlena made for this saying and it is so true!

I woke up the next morning ready to sign up again. Running is a peculiar thing. No matter how hard it is and how much it hurts, I still want to push again the next day.

I will say...this race had plenty of course support and amazing bands along the route that really helped. Miles 1-8 were pretty close to ideal for me and I'm determined to figure out what went wrong with my hydration and feet and come back and do it better!