Monday, May 9, 2016

{Race Recap ~ Women Run Arkansas 5K 2016}

Woo Hoo!! After 10 weeks of Women Can Run Clinic in Jonesboro, we finally graduated!!

Debi and I have been attending the WCR Clinic in Jonesboro on Tuesday and Thursday nights since March...learning proper form and technique and working on our endurance. Saturday, we got to test ourselves with the annual Women Run Arkansas 5K.

We headed to Conway Friday afternoon (we were staying with a friend of Debi's to cut down on cost) and dropped our luggage off before heading to the Pasta Party, where we picked up our bibs and shirts (there must ALWAYS be a shirt!). This year the theme was Superhero and we made masks and had our picture made at the photo op station, complete with a purple cape. We were starving and dinner did not disappoint...even though we both really wanted to go for seconds, but didn't want to seem like pigs! LOL Jonesboro's very own, Yolanda Merrel, served as MC and did an amazing job. She has such a bubbly and fun personality and her smile is infectious. She introduced our key speaker, Jan Seally, who shared her story and the benefits of running...not just physically, but emotionally, as well. After the Pasta Party, we were both still a bit hungry, so we headed to TGI Fridays for an appetizer and drinks before heading back to our lodging for the night.

Yolanda, WRA 2016 MC and Jonesboro Leader
Love this lady and her spunk!!

Saturday morning we arrived in time to get a group picture with the Jonesboro runners...or at least most of them. We had a great showing from our little corner of the state and had even more ladies running in Jonesboro that day that couldn't make the trip to Conway.

After my porta-potty stop (you know I have to visit the porta-potty!), it was time to get this party started!! There was a HUGE crowd of women here for this race. All shapes & sizes; all abilities. It was so encouraging to be a part of this. I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, the running community is some of the best people out there!
 Heading to the start line with our fearless leader!

This is just some of the ladies that ran the 5K...isn't that awesome!!?

Debi and I had already decided we weren't really concerned with out time. We were just coming off the Nashville 1/2 Marathon and hadn't ran but once that week, so we were just going to take it easy, have fun, and finish. Well.....

We took off running and were feeling pretty good. I thought to myself, "I'll run 8 minutes, then walk 1 minute." Those 8 minutes came and I thought, "I think I can go for 10." 10 minutes passed and I seen how close I was to a mile and wondered if I could run the entire mile and wouldn't you know it, I could!! For the first time ever, I ran the first mile without taking a walk break!

Thanks to this lady, I had a great race! and was able to do something I'd been trying to do all year, run an entire mile. She was one of our Jonesboro leaders and I'm so glad I got to run with her during the 5K.

Mile 1: Amazing! I felt like I had just won the lottery by running the entire thing! 12'22"

Mile 2: We did 1/2 mile run/2 minute walk intervals. I was thankful to see the water station, as it was getting WARM! 13'48"

Mile 3: This was a little more difficult and I really struggled at the end. We ran 1/4 mile intervals and thanks to Lisa, I was able to run in to the finish...even though my body really, REALLY, wanted to walk! 14'48"

This girl killed it! She almost broke the 40 minute by less than 30 seconds...and I know she's going to get that PR soon!! I am so glad to have found a running buddy that enjoys it as much as I do and pushes me to be better than I was yesterday...and it's great therapy!
{what happens on the run, stays on the run!}

One of the Jonesboro ladies that I had the privilege of meeting. We ran this thing together and came in together. I love getting to meet new people and making new friends!

My official time: 44'32"
7 seconds faster than when I did this same run in 2013...not record breaking, but I'm getting there.
I worked hard for that medal!!

Kara was another one of our awesome Jonesboro leaders and had worked with me during the clinic to see if we could pinpoint what is slowing me down. She also came out to meet Debi and run her in during this 5K and is such a great motivator, encourager, and wealth of running knowledge.

We really do have the BEST leaders!

Soaking up the sun during the rewards....oh the awkward tan lines I have from this day! I think the temp was hovering somewhere around 90. Wore out and hot....

until next time Conway!!

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