Thursday, August 20, 2015

Month 1 was weigh in day at Dr. McClurkan's office. I was nervous! I don't feel like I have done my best the past week and knew the scale would show that. I was pleasantly surprised when the scale read 214.6# ....a total loss of 5.6 pounds this month. Now, granted, that is not the number I hoped for (I was really hoping for a 10# loss this first month), but at least it was moving in the right direction!

My clothes are also a bit looser :) I can pull my pants off without unbuttoning AND my bra is looser.

I'm getting stronger and learning to make healthier choices.

Dr. McClurkan was very pleased. He did increase my caloric intake to 1500/day to see if that would boost my weight loss to 2-3# per week. Hopefully, this month I can stay closer on task and we'll see some positive results at my September weigh in.

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