Friday, January 1, 2016

{New Year; New Goals}

Every year I start the new year with new goals to achieve and a resolve to do something. This year is no different....however, the different part is that I WILL achieve everything on my list. A few days ago, while running with a friend, she said something that really made me take pause. We were running up a small incline. We had chosen the distance we were going to go before we could walk, but my legs were begging for a break, so I slowed my pace, and started to walk. She said, "don't you quit on you!! {actually she kinda yelled that part} You are worth it! Don't stop." It was the first time I realized that I was my own worst enemy. I made commitments, but didn't follow through. When things became difficult, I often bail out. The funny thing one cares if I quit. It doesn't affect them one little bit. I'm the only one that suffers. No more. I will not quit on me! I will commit and follow through. I do every are my goals for 2016;


  • Read through the Bible--I'm using The Bible Project plan, which also has videos to accompany the different themes.
  • Daily Scripture writing--I'm determined to finish writing out the Psalms and Proverbs and hopeful that I can finish the gospels.
  • Rekindle my first Love--I've struggled the past few months with being in a spiritual desert, but I'm praying that the new year turns that around.
  • RUN a 5k--no walking allowed
  • Log 1,000 miles on these feet--walk, run, doesn't matter, just get it done! 
  • Run Streak for the entire year...log at least 1 mile every day!
  • Be stronger--ability to do a handstand push up {against the wall} and a pull up
  • Be lighter--below 175 pounds!
  • Read 12 books
  • Weekly personal development
  • Take 1 hour each week to just BE...slow down and breathe
  • Monthly date night with Q a priority--we tend to let everything else get in the way of us and we really need to make our relationship a priority this year
  • Bring back family game night--not sure why we ever stopped this...everyone always has so much fun!
  • Family Vacation! {this will include Matt, Mallorye, Olivia, & Sophia}
  • Save $1,000
  • Tithe regularly {this is a biggie! and is going to take tons of prayer}
  • Generate additional income through Beachbody
Bring on 2016! I'm ready!!

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