Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekly Chase ~ May 12, 2014

Today is Graduation Day at our house as our youngest finishes up his High School Career. It's actually Graduation WEEK....this morning as our son was at practice for his high school graduation tonight, I was with our daughter picking up her COLLEGE Graduation cap and gown and helping her decide on a dress to wear. (excuse me while I go cry in my pillow) I will survive though, right?!

All these emotions did motivate me to get out for an early run this morning in an effort to get myself in check and not just fall to the ground in a heap of tears.


Last Weeks Goals;
  • Goal 1 - Get 3 quality runs in before the race on Saturday - negative, no excuses
  • Goal 2 - Daily Foam Rolling - Check! This is my hamstring saver.
  • Goal 3 - Healthy Breakfast EVERY day - I was about 75% on this, but not quite there
  • Goal 4 - Create a plan for strength training - negative
  • Goal 5 - Get my room deep cleaned & ready for hubby - Check! This was my main objective this past week, so I think my running took a back seat.
This week is going to be a challenge. We have a busy week (2 graduations, a pinning ceremony, and watching the grand baby while momma celebrates) and hubby is home, so I will definitely have to be intentional about getting my runs in this week.

This Weeks Goals;
  • Goal 1 - Get 4 runs in this week
  • Goal 2 - Continue Foam Rolling Daily
  • Goal 3 - Healthy Breakfast EVERY Day
  • Goal 4 - Create a plan for strength training
  • Goal 5 - Turn it off (2 hours each night that are social media free)
These are pretty much the same goals that I had last week, but these are the ones I really need to work on and get nailed down.

Let's Rock Out This Week!!

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  1. Good luck this week! And congrats to your graduates!!!