Saturday, January 16, 2016

{Hammer & Chisel ~ Day 6/60}

Another busy Saturday, but I was determined to get my workouts in. I'm finding that I really look forward to pushing my body and seeing what it can do. Today, I had a treadmill run planned and I knew I also had to get in Chisel Endurance. Not knowing what to expect, I stuck with a slow & steady walk/jog interval on the treadmill. I would walk 2 minutes and jog 2 minutes...with a few hills threw in for good measure.
2-1/2 miles done. This was slow...even for me, but I'm getting back into the groove and just trying to build up some consistency at this point. February 7th will start my actual training plan for Nashville.

After getting some chores done around the house and helping Mallorye with the girls rooms and play room, it was time to push play!

Whew! That was tough!! Autumn likes to kick my butt!!!

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