Sunday, January 17, 2016

{Hammer & Chisel ~ Day 7/60}

Confession Time: I did not get my workout in today.
*I should note that Blake pushed play and said Total Body Hammer was TOUGH!

I did however, start my day with a great breakfast before going to the 9:30 and nourishing my soul.

This is pretty much my standard breakfast...I almost always have 2 eggs, then I add either oatmeal (that's what I had today) or whole grain toast...and I have been known to eat a whole grain waffle on rare occasion. I usually add a cup of berries also, but I was out this morning (I really need to go grocery shopping!!) I rarely drink milk, so I typically down my first bottle of water with breakfast.

After getting challenged at the 9:30 to really stop and think about what taking God's name in vain really it really just about not saying a particular word? Or is it more of representing God's character well? I grabbed some lunch with the family...went to the grocery store!! ...and then it was time to cheer on my fave NFL team!

They won by the way :)

I did pick up these bad boys today while grocery shopping. We're slowly building up our weigh arsenal at home. Blake and I both felt we really needed to challenge ourselves on the weights. I still need to get a set of 25's and 30's ...I'm not ready for those yet, but Blake could probably bump up.

Week 1 is done!

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