Wednesday, January 20, 2016

{Hammer & Chisel ~ Day 10/60}

Yay! Tonights run felt SO much better than last night. Although I wasn't much faster, it just felt better. I walked the first 8 minutes (that might've been a little too long of a warm up) and then kept with my walk/jog ratio of 2 minutes of walking (I kept my pace around 3.5) and 2 minutes of jogging (at 4.5). I did speed up my jog to 5.0 for the last round in an attempt to hit 2 miles by 30 minutes. I didn't quite make it, but my legs felt really good for this round.

I think one of the keys is to stay out of my own head. Avoid negative self-talk. Be ok with going slow right now...speed will come later and we still have plenty of time before the Nashville 1/2 Marathon.
"Strive for Progress; Not Perfection."

I came home from the gym (at 10pm) and immediately pushed play on Hammer Max Strength (this is the workout I should've done last night). I knew if I didn't push play right away, I would talk myself into just going to bed. I was able to do most every exercise and kept my weights at 15# for the entire 40 minutes!! I'm hoping to be at 20# the next time this particular set comes back around.

Still smiling mid-workout! #beastmode 

Olivia came by earlier tonight and she just had to exercise!
Love this firecracker!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a Rest Day, but I will most likely try to get in H&C Chisel Agility so I will be caught back up. I also have kickboxing and running, so I don't really see a rest day happening tomorrow....I may take that on Friday and enjoy a nice evening with the hubs.

What are you doing to get stronger?
Are you moving your body every day?

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