Saturday, January 9, 2016

{Super Saturday ~ Little Rock}

My day started super early this, wake up call at 4:45am! I had to meet my Coach Sponsor at 6:15am to head to Little Rock for my first Super Saturday with TeamBeachbody. I was so excited...(1) to just get to learn from successful coaches and (2) to spend time with Liz and get to know her a little better.

It rained on us most of the 2-1/2 hour trip to Little Rock, but you couldn't dampen our spirits. We had so much fun learning about each others background, families, and of course we talked Beachbody and Running (our two fave things!)

Once we arrived in Little Rock, we checked in and helped set up the room. About 40-50 people were in attendance and they did some recognitions and then we heard from our guest speaker, Makala Clark. She's a 2-Star Diamond and has an incredible story of how this business helped her overcome body image and confidence crushers. You can read about her story here .

 Liz and myself....before the Live Workout!

After some company announcements...Hello! New Shakeology Flavor Café Latte! I know some coffee drinkers that are going to LOVE this!...we got ready for the Live Group Workout. I have to say, I was nervous, especially once they mentioned it would be P90X. I have never done P90X and mostly have stuck to the 21 Day Fix program, so I was terrified. I determined I would not let fear keep me from experiencing ALL of Super Saturday. Did I do every rep? No. Did I do every exercise? Mostly. Did I do my best? Absolutely. And I loved it! I left feeling so strong and empowered.....and a little sweaty!

{Midway through P90X! Getting my sweat on!}

We had a great time meeting up with other peeps that are on this fitness journey just like us, taking pictures, and of course, eating at Panera.

The next Super Saturday is April 2...can't wait!!

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